Silver Blades Skating club members and families,

As you can appreciate, the work that occurs behind the scenes for planning of our annual Ice Show is huge. We have been fortunate over the last four years to bring some big name skaters to Corner Brook to skate with our skaters – Joannie Rochette, Kaetlyn Osmond, Elvis Stojko, and most recently Tessa and Scott. This year we have struggled with securing a different guest skater as we want to maintain the same caliber of an ice show and also impress our skaters with a person that will be memorable to them. It is difficult for just any skater to commit before November of any skating season. We have been in communication now for quite some time and we have finally received confirmation today – stay tuned for the announcement of who is coming to Corner Brook to skate with our skaters. At this time, we can confirm that this year’s show will be on Saturday, April 23rd – our committee tried to maintain the proposed date in our ice schedule of April 16th. However, to secure who we wanted, the show needs to happen on April 23rd. Please note the date and keep in mind that ice show practices will commence no later than April 17th and continue on for the week leading up to Ice Show.
Corrina Murrin
On behalf of the Ice Show committee


In order to participate in this show , forms have to be filled out / fees paid by January 24 2016. Costumes are pre-ordered from Montreal.

Yours in skating,
Silver Blades Skating Club

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