Western Divisionals 2017 Medalists



Joan Targett Award – Rebecca Bennett, Silver Blades SC [Most outstanding Performance as determined by the judges]

Most Points Club Award – Silver Blades SC

Back L-R: Rebecca Bennett (gold STAR 7, gold Juvenile Under-12), Rhiann Ward (bronze STAR 8), Kendall Power(gold STAR 4-Under 14), Anna Brake (bronze STAR 6), Michaela Foster ( bronze STAR 9, gold STAR 10), Kennedi Boland [gold STAR 9, gold Gold Interpretive), Rachel Whitten (silver STAR 7, silver STAR 8), Olivia Park (bronze STAR 7) , Sara Murphy (silver STAR 4 Under – 13)
Front  L-R: Shawna-Marie Stuckless (silver PreJuvenile Under-11), Savannah Burden (bronze PreJuvenile Under-11), Grace Pye (silver STAR 5 – Under 10), Vanessa Bennett (gold STAR 5 Under-10), Kaleigh Allen (bronze STAR 5 – Under 10), Hayden Oates (gold STAR 4 – Under 10)
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