Congratulations! Summer Skate 2017 Medalists

Summer skate was held in Paradise on August 19th and was the first competition of the skating season. Approximately 100 skaters from all over the island participated in this event. Silver Blades Summer Skate medalists from left to right.

Congratulations! Summer Skate 2017 Medalists

Hayden Oates ( Bronze in Pre-Juvenile Women Under 11), Shawna-Marie Stuckless ( Silver in Juvenile Women Under 12), Rebecca Bennett ( Silver in Pre-Novice Women Short and Bronze in Pre-Novice Women Free), Lauren Hearns ( Gold in Star 6 Women), Savannah Burden ( Gold in Pre-Juvenile Women Under 11) and Beau Callahan ( Bronze in Star 4 Girls Under 10).

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April 21 !!! SAVE THE DATE ⛸ Silver Blades Annual Ice Show featuring......Olympic medalist Kaetlyn Osmond!!!⛸🥇
- Thursday Feb 15 - 2:22am

Stay tuned this week! We will be announcing this year’s guest skater(s) for the Ice Show.
- Monday Jan 22 - 11:55pm

Reminder that there are no yoga sessions scheduled today - Sunday, November 12th. Yoga and Off Ice Schedule
- Sunday Nov 12 - 2:34pm

Reminder Skater yoga sessions start today!🤸‍♂️
- Sunday Sep 10 - 1:09pm