Congratulations! Rebecca Pack 2017 – Medalists

The Rebecca Pack Friendship skate was held in Gander on October 21st and 22nd where over 200 skaters from across the island competed. On the podium from the Silver Blades Skating Club are pictured below…

From left to right…
Hayden Oates (Gold in Star 5 Girls Under 10), Greta Andrews ( Bronze in Star 4 Girls Under 10), Grace Pye ( Bronze in Pre-Juvenile Women Under 11), Taylor Gilbert ( Silver in Star 4 Girls 13 and Older),Rachel Whitten ( Gold in Star 9 Women Short ), Savannah Burden ( Silver in Pre-Junenile Women Under 11), Olivia Stuckless ( Silver in Star 4 Girls Under 10) and Natalie Caines ( Gold in Star 4 Girls Under 10)

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