Executive and Board Members

Past President – Terri Donahue e:pastpressbnl@outlook.com
President – Krista Murphy  e: presidentsbnl@outlook.com
Vice-President – Kara Pye
Secretary – Annette Bennett
Treasurer – Lisa Allen
Coach’s Rep – April Barron  e: silverbladessc@outlook.com
Events Director – Ashley Sheppard   e: eventssbnl@outlook.com
  • Ice Show Committee Co-ordinator – Corrina Murrin and Kara Pye
  • Competition Committee Co-ordinator – Ashley Sheppard
Skating Program Director – Corrina Murrin  e: programdirsbnl@outlook.com
  • Registration Co-ordinator – Renee Burden  e: registrationsbnl@outlook.com
  • Test Chair Co-ordinator – Janice Galliott  e: testchairsbnl@outlook.com
  • Ice Co-ordinator – Terri Donahue  e: tdonahue@nf.sypatico.ca
  • Synchro Co-ordinator – Tracy Curtis   e: synchrochairsbnl@outlook.com
Club Development Director – Tammy Kelly e:devdirsbnl@outlook.cim
  • Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator – Nancy Janes e: marcommsbnl@outlook.com
  • Fundraising Co-ordinator – Krista Murphy
  • Hospitality Co-ordinator – Tammy Kelly


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